Music for Your Next RPG

Music is one of those universal languages and for a roleplaying game it can add either tension, fun, or both. I started using music in LORE when players took too long to make a decision and played the Jeopardy game show theme song. It’s 36-seconds long and gets the point across that time is running out.
Once I ran the gamers as royal bodyguards at a Dwarven wedding, and what says celebration better than bagpipes? It sets a great mood and scares cats from the room!
With the advent of digital music, you can find individual songs to download, usually for $.99-$1.29, to make any game memorable and over time you’ll build a nice library for almost any gaming event.
Tunes to try:

  • Dungeons & Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Yakety Sax (that snappy song made popular by Benny Hill)
  • Mare’s Wedding (Scottish Bagpipe Favorites)

With all the great movie soundtracks out there (Lord of the Rings, Thor, and others), there’s a song or sound to meet every gaming situation. Don’t over use it, but certainly, let it work for you!

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