Many Players, One Goal

I’d like to teach the world to game

David Frees at Gen Con

Do you ever get that strange look from people when they find out you’re a gamer? You know the one. The one that infers something like, “That’s weird. Why do you do that?”

Here’s my take, for what it’s worth. Maybe it will resonate with you.

Never in my life has any activity brought more people of diverse backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, or philosophical and religious beliefs to one table to problem-solve the way role-play gaming can. There is usually the primary goal—survive—and everyone agrees on that. Procure treasure and experience points—another common goal. Fight the bad guys with whatever you can throw at them—another popular pursuit.

All that diversity gathered together for at least three goals. How awesome is that?

Now to a greater or lesser degree you can also find a willingness for others to watch your back when the action gets serious. Wow—if the world only worked like that. And then there are the game goals…as a group of individuals gather to get from point A to point B to accomplish X. There is serious problem-solving involved here: obstacles to overcome, puzzles to solve, traps to avoid and foes to waylay.

At Gen Con and other gaming conventions I have witnessed it time and again, complete strangers sit down together and for several hours creatively, hilariously, and cooperatively—solve problems.

So to that person who says “That’s weird,” I ask, “Why wouldn’t EVERYONE want to sit down to an RPG?”

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