The Lore Creature Codex

Questions have popped up about Lore’s Creature Codex…

Why release one creature at a time?
You only pay for the creatures you want. That’s fair, right?

One of our complaints about RPGs has always been the cost. Back in college, scraping enough money together for a pizza was hard enough, let alone a tome of monsters, and then we  used less than half of those in the manual. We paid for a lot of creatures we never paid attention to.

We live in a new age of digital wonders! By publishing one entry at a time, Loremasters pick and choose what they want for their campaigns without having to bite the bullet—or in the case of a medieval fantasy, the arrow—with a wad of cash. Fill your campaign/fit your budget.

Do I have to play in the world you’ve created?
Each entry in the Codex is set in the world of Cannwyll Pren (kahn-NOOeth pren)—“Candlewood” for those of you who read only common—but they are all world agnostic. My son and wife have created their own universes and fit the Lore creatures in quite well. It seems that Orcs are universal.

The same goes for the Lore: Core Rules. Everything is set in Candlewood, but the rules are world agnostic.

Why are some entries in the Creature Codex only a few pages while others are bigger?
In the case of Goblins for example, they represent an entire culture and that seemed worth exploring. Castes, classes, weaponry, art, tactics . . . all that takes more than just a few pages.

On the other hand, how much do you really want to know about an ostrich?

The more complex or varied the creature, the more pages you’ll have at your disposal, but more pages doesn’t raise the price. Cool, right?

Will you ever publish all the creatures in one book?
Yes, and no. A 400 creature codex—digital and in print—is planned, but we have over 800 being worked on. So will there be one book? Eventually. But so far, there‘s enough content for two volumes. . . at least.

If you haven’t checked the Lore: Creature Codex out yet, click here.